Quantum Bayesian Networks

September 19, 2008

Quantum Circuits in ASCII

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I think quantum computing is the wave of the future. That’s why my quantum computer software QuanSuite uses futuristic, advanced computer graphics techniques like ASCII art. For example, behold how QuanSuite renders a 4-qubit quantum Fourier transform circuit:

4-qubit quantum Fourier transform

In these types of diagrams, time points downward, and

  • “|” stands for a qubit wire (connecting the same qubit at two successive times)
  • “–” stands for a piece of a connector between two different qubits
  • “H” stands for a Hadamard gate
  • “@” or “0” stands for the 2 possible kinds of control qubits of a controlled gate
  • “X” stands for the target qubit of a controlled gate.

, etc.

A simple CNOT looks like this: |   X---@    |

A swap looks like this: <---+--->   |

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