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September 29, 2008

Taxonomy of Existing Quantum Computer Software

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(Updated on Aug 31, 2009 to include QuSAnn and MultiplexorExpander)

It’s important to classify existing quantum computer software, to see what we have and what we are missing. I like to classify such software as follows. Define the following binary variables: T = text (programming language) input, V = visual (gui) input, N = numeric input. (these variables are not to be confused with Temperature, Volume, and Number by the inveterate thermodynamicist). Ideal software like WinBugs has (T,V,N)=(1,1,1)

  • quantum computer simulators:
    • exact: Quantum Fog (T,V,N)=(0,1,1)
    • approximate
      • Monte Carlo (quantum circuit samplers): quantum WinBugs (doesn’t exist yet)
      • variational
  • quantum compilers (U input, where U = unitary matrix)
    • general-U compiler: Qubiter (T,V,N)=(0,0,1)
    • special-U compiler: QuanSuite (T,V,N)=(0,0,1)
  • quantum circuit generators (“code generators”): (don’t have explicit U input as compilers do)
    • uses standard language (C, C++, etc.): QuSAnn (T,V,N)=(1,0,0)
    • uses new “quantum language”: (T,V,N)=(1,0,0)
  • error correction add-ons
  • code translators: Multiplexor Expander
  • other tools

The names in italics are computer programs that I have written. Surprisingly, I am not the center of the universe; many others have written quantum computer programs too. Here is Quantiki’s list of such software. Their list classifies the programs by the language they are written in. It calls all programs “simulators”, which is less precise than the above taxonomy.


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  1. […] After writing this blog entry a short google search revealed that R.R. Tucci beat me to the punch of using the taxonomy headline (by a mere four years).  So here's a shout-out to his classification of quantum computing software for the common PC (and Mac). […]

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