Quantum Bayesian Networks

August 29, 2009

Quantum Internet Snake Oil

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Caltech and MIT snake oil sale:

“Entangled Light, Quantum Money”
Technology Review, September/October 2009
by Mark Williams

Some excerpts:

…Kimble made one easily graspable assertion: “Our society’s technical base is information commerce. In the next 20 years, quantum information science–a fusion of computer science and quantum mechanics that didn’t exist 20 years ago–will radically change that commerce.”

The revolutionary technology that Kimble envisions is large quantum networks, resembling the Internet but relying on entanglement. What inherent advantages would promote the development and adoption of such networks?

Substantial ones….

MIT’s Seth Lloyd has given some thought to the design options for quantum networks.

So Kimble has a reasonable argument that quantum networks are feasible. And the advantages that he envisions–absolute data security, no latency, and a further exponential gain in computational power–would hardly be negligible in the world of information commerce.

Futures traders who use near-instantaneous quantum networks will have clear advantages over those who don’t.

Other commercial applications are possible as well. Scott Aaronson suggested one of them in a paper called “Quantum Copy-Protection and Quantum Money.”

The first generation of money emerged with the invention of coins in Lydia nearly 3,000 years ago, its second generation with the paper bills of exchange issued by the banks of Renaissance Italy, and its third with electronic money and the virtual economy of the modern era. If scientists like Kimble and Aaronson are correct, quantum networks may soon give rise to a further generation of money.

Replacing the classical internet by a quantum one is a really dumb idea; doing so would be phenomenally expensive and totally unnecessary. There are known classical cryptographic codes called “post-quantum cryptography” which cannot be broken by a classical or quantum computer, so there is no need for “quantum cryptography”, or a “quantum Internet”, or “quantum money”, ever. Why should a carpenter replace his perfectly adequate steel hammer (classical networks and classical encryption methods) by a pure gold one?

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