Quantum Bayesian Networks

December 24, 2009

My Papa’s Recipe for the Ziti

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(Ricetta da mio padre per il Ziti)

It was the great Leonardo who first invented partition functions in physics. He call-ed them Ziti functions, in honor of the delicious plate of ziti that he was eating at the time. That is why we use today the letter Z for denoting \sum_r e^{-\beta E_r}.

Check out il arXivi for my new recipe for cooking il Ziti. Molto delizioso. A recipe inspired by my own father’s recipe. Only thing I change-ed was to add the more modern quantum computer -puttanesca/gigoloesca ingredients. My famiglia compared this recipe with the following ziti recipes from other cooks (they think mine is MUCH, MUCH BETTER. That-sa why I love my famiglia).

(uno) Signiori Pawel Wocjan, Chen-Fu Chiang, Anura Abeyesinghe, Daniel Nagaj, “Quantum Speed-up for Approximating Partition Functions” arxiv:0811.0596

(due) Signiori David Poulin, Pawel Wocjan, “Sampling from the thermal quantum Gibbs state and evaluating partition functions with a quantum computer” arxiv:0905.2199

(tre) Signiori K. Temme, T.J. Osborne, K.G. Vollbrecht, D. Poulin, F. Verstraete, “Quantum Metropolis Sampling” arxiv:0911.3635


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