Quantum Bayesian Networks

December 29, 2009

The World Needs Bayesians, and Bayesians Need Quantum Computers

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The computer age has given us the ability to rapidly store and access a deluge of large data sets. These large data sets can be milked for information very effectively using the tools of Bayesian statistics. All major corporations that deal with large data sets are becoming increasingly aware of this. In fact, it is likely that the future survival of those corporations will increasingly depend on how Bayesian they are. The following posts describe current Bayesian activity in some major corporations:

So the world already desperately needs the services of Bayesians. And Bayesians will soon realize that they desperately need quantum computers. That’s because Bayesian inference is an NP-hard problem. A very popular and efficient way of doing Bayesian inference for large problems is to use Gibbs sampling of probability distributions (as done, for example, with Winbugs). Gibbs sampling is still NP-hard on a quantum computer, but quantum computers can do Gibbs sampling quadratically faster than classical computers (see this)


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