Quantum Bayesian Networks

August 12, 2010


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My dear friend Matt Swayne is a financial whiz with a keen interest in quantum computing. He and George Ulmer have a very cool blog about financial matters called The Online Investing AI Blog. Matt has just written a nice blog post about a company called QuantDNA that uses genetics inspired probability algorithms to predict the markets.

Matt and I often ponder together about the commercial applications of quantum computing. Once QCs are available, they will have many applications. An important one among them will be financial risk management for the financial industry. The financial industry has very deep pockets (hedge funds alone control 3 trillion dollars). They would certainly find it useful to have access to quantum computing applications that could predict the markets much faster and better than analogous classical computer applications.

At present, 99.9% of quantum computing R&D in the USA is done by Academia, and funded by the Defense Department. There is only one private company in the whole world mainly dedicated to quantum computing, D-Wave from Canada. IMHO, D-Wave is doing a great job, but it will take much more than just one QC company to achieve the critical mass necessary to develop a self-sustaining QC industry. Once there is a true QC industry, this will produce lots of interesting jobs in QC. With unemployment in the USA currently at nearly 10%, the American people will certainly welcome those new jobs. Building a true QC industry will have the added benefit that it will GREATLY speed up the progress in QC R&D.

The personal computer industry was initially led mainly by one hardware and one software company, Intel and Microsoft. Since D-Wave is mainly a hardware company, there is presently a need for a credible QC software company to emerge. Who will start such a company? I hope it will be you.


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