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August 20, 2011

Hewlett Packard’s Brilliant, Bold, $11 Billion, Bayesian Bet

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An historic event for Bayesians and for the software industry. HP is going to pay $11 billion to acquire Autonomy, a software company that specializes in Bayesian search engines. ($11 billion is about one-sixth of HP’s current market value.) Not only that, but HP also intends to get out of the PC, smart phone and touch pad businesses!

The PC hardware business ain’t what it used to be. And competing against Apple right now is like trying to walk through a cement wall instead of going around it. IMHO, the future of American high-tech industry belongs to companies like HP that are willing to make smart, bold, original decisions like this one. Bravo HP! Bravo! The stock market’s response to this news has been Palin dumb. HP’s stock fell by 20% the day after the acquisition was announced. Cretins@#% My advice: Buy! Buy! Buy!

Autonomy is UK’s largest (by market capitalization) software company, the flag-ship of the royal fleet. HMS Autonomy is commanded by the legendary Sir Francis Drake, Admiral Horatio Nelson, HMS Pinafore Captain Corcoran, Dr. Mike Lynch. I spoke previously about Autonomy in the following blog post: Bayesian Networks in the UK

Hewlett-Packard is a worthy Queen for Admiral Lynch to serve. Her history (both her inspiring triumphs and her abysmal blunders) are EPIC. Queen HP is the original cornerstone company of the Silicon Valley miracle. A lot of scientists and engineers grew up using HP equipment. She built my first oscilloscope. She is more profitable than IBM (revenues(2010): HP-$126B/IBM-$100B). In 2010, she had 325K employees versus IBM’s 427K. She once rejected a proposal by one of her engineers, a guy named Christopher Columbus Steve Wozniak, to buy the design for a home computer that he had invented.

The HP/Autonomy royal fleet will engage in battle with and try to sink a formidable, terrifying foe, a Spanish Armada built by very powerful and wealthy nations such as Google, IBM (with its intimidating Bayesian man-of-war, the Watson computer), Microsoft, Oracle and SAP. At stake is no less than supremacy over the Bayesian sea lanes and trade routes to the New World.

Someday in my lifetime, I predict HMS Autonomy will equip its cannon decks with quantum computers, for they are, according to computational complexity theory, pound for pound, the most efficient cannons (for doing certain tasks, e.g., Markov Chain Monte Carlo) that God will allow man to build.

Reports of various media outlets about HP/Autonomy deal


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