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November 6, 2012

The Prutchi Girls Love Pink Noise

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Check out

Hacking the Quantum: A New Book Explains How Anyone Can Become an Amateur Quantum Physicist
By George Musser, October 22, 2012

David Prutchi is a PhD experimental physicist and engineer. He has 3 daughters: Shanni (the oldest, currently a senior in high school), Abigail and Hannah. They live in Philadelphia. Their dog’s name is Schrodi, after Erwin Schroedinger (a notorious Casanova also known for some physics). David’s main job is designing medical devices. But, as many of us do, to make ends meet you know, he has a secondary part-time job, as a quantum mechanic in his garage. David and Shanni have recently written a “do-it-yourself” quantum physics book entitled

Exploring Quantum Physics Through Hands-On Projects
amazon link for book

The Prutchi website http://www.diyphysics.com covers the book and much more. Note that diy stands for “do it yourself”

The depth and scope of the home experiments detailed in the book is nothing short of amazing. Sit down before you read this: Here is a listing of the contents of their book.

Congratulations to the Prutchi’s from an awestruck fan. You guys are true homebrew-hacker Jedi masters. I hope someone in your family starts a quantum computer company some day soon.

(I love your garage lab, including your dog technician. I also like very much your surname…Nice, strong, distinguished sounding. Reminds me of mine, Tucci)


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