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July 16, 2013

One Hundred Piranhas Unleashed on Academia

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A single piranha might give you a nasty bite, but it won’t kill you (their mouth is no larger than a quarter)… A school of 100 piranhas, on the other hand, might eat you up in a few minutes (if James Bond movies are to be believed).

Check out this amazing news item:

D-Wave Systems achieves 100 patent milestone


…D-Wave Systems Inc., has achieved an important milestone having been granted its 100th patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office recently.

D-Wave Systems’ patent portfolio was also rated #4 in the Computer Systems category by IEEE Spectrum this past December, just behind computing giants IBM, HP and Fujitsu.

Methinks that in the future, these 100 piranhas are likely to cause legal confrontations between D-Wave and some academic institutions, many of which hate D-Wave.

Academics are always belittling or ignoring other people’s patents (even though they and universities often patent their own ideas). They are even more likely than usual to belittle and ignore the patents of a company that they a priori have a low regard for, D-wave.

D-wave is likely to use its patent portfolio as leverage to get more government funding, especially from defense and spy agencies like ARO and IARPA. The academics won’t be too happy about that because they feel they are entitled to that money.

I think 100 patents for adiabatic quantum computing is a huge overkill, really mind boggling. However, I can understand D-wave’s urge to protect itself. The QC academic community has very low moral standards; cheating, lying and playing the system are common practices in those circles, and those who don’t cheat and lie often turn a blind eye to it or even defend those who do. So I can understand why D-wave might be paranoid.

Interesting facts about piranhas:

Piranhas are also called caribes, after the Caribe indians. The Caribe indians were a tribe of warriors that practiced cannibalism. They came originally from Venezuela and its nearby island, Aruba. However, they were skillful canoeists that ranged widely throughout the islands of the Caribbean sea (which is obviously named after them), where they raided and munched on other indian tribes.

Piranhas are commonly eaten by humans throughout the Amazon basin. However, fishermen beware: If an individual piranha is caught on a hook or line, it may be attacked by others from its school before you pull it out. It is not rare to find a piraña with one eye missing due to a previous encounter with other pirañas of its fish school (fish school bullies).



  1. Well man, have you ever heard that Grassmann died an alcoholic? Because no one was willing to give any serious credit to his efforts to unite all algebras? And haven’t you heard of Boltsmanns suceeded suicide attempt? So, what do you think. Do you seriousy consider this worls as a world of wise spirits searching for the ultimate truth, or as an arena where filthy dogs granted an uninherited favor to think by unkown gods, has put all his bets into antagonism of the worst kind biting each other to the end of them all? Think Deeper before you even attmpet an answer…

    Comment by Elangel Exterminador — July 16, 2013 @ 10:48 pm

  2. No sé ángel. Si fuéramos como perros seríamos fieles y nobles

    Comment by rrtucci — July 17, 2013 @ 4:03 am

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