Quantum Bayesian Networks

July 22, 2013

Jumping the Chaaaaasm

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"Leaping the Chasm" (1886) by Ashley Bennett, son of photographer Henry Hamilton Bennett, jumping to "Stand Rock". See www.wisconsinhistory.org

“Leaping the Chasm” (1886) by Ashley Bennett, son of photographer Henry Hamilton Bennett, jumping to “Stand Rock”. See http://www.wisconsinhistory.org

Right on the heels of having swum across the River Shannon, the Johnny English Olympian in me was looking for a physical feat to perform next, one that was equally challenging. As a child, I had been told of a strange natural formation in the Wisconsin backwoods, consisting of twin pillars of rock about 40 feet high, standing side by side, maybe 7 feet apart. There was no doubt that the chasm between the two pillars could be jumped. An early photograph from the 1880’s, long before Photoshop, of a Victorian man captured forever in mid flight between the two pillars proved that the jump was possible (assuming that he reached the other side safely). In my deranged mind, I began to identify the twin pillars with CAUSALITY and CORRELATION and the wonderfully agile Victorian man jumping the chasm with Judea Pearl. And then it hit me. For my next feat, I would attempt to jump between those two pillars in a new way. 

In the Victorian era, Judea Pearl had accomplished his jump wearing classical shoes (classical Bayesian networks). Wonderful shoes to be sure, but in the modern era, classical shoes would not do. The Victorians mastered steam, thermodynamics, classical physics. But their era had been followed by 100 years and thousands of glorious, successful corroborations of quantum mechanics which had established beyond a shadow of a doubt that Nature is not classical dammit, it’s quantum. I would have to use modern, quantum shoes (quantum Bayesian nets) for my jump. If the jump could be accomplished with classical shoes, there was no doubt in my mind that it could also be accomplished with quantum shoes, and how much more wonderfully entangled that would be.

Check out my new paper in my continuing saga to jump across the chasm of causality and correlation using quantum Bayesian nets for shoes. 

An Information Theoretic Measure of Judea Pearl’s Identifiability and Causal Influence, (54 pages), by Robert R. Tucci (http://arxiv.org/abs/1307.5837)

This is my second paper on the subject of Judea Pearl do-calculus. So far, in both papers I have only used classical shoes. I’m warming up with classical shoes, laying down the foundation for my quantum jump. I think I will try a quantum jump on my next paper.

As a famous 1989 Spike Lee, Michael Jordan commercial explains, if I manage to reach the other side without plummeting to my death, you’ll know for sure that “it’s gotta be the (quantum Bayesian network) shoes”.

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