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November 6, 2013

Google Planning to do Teleportation

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Secret Message: Operation Lisbeth is going very well

Recently, some press articles have come out claiming that a mod of Minecraft called qCraft, produced by Google, will cause millions of kids to get interested in quantum science and become the quantum scientists of the future. Maybe, or maybe not. Maybe they’ll get hooked on video games and end up as operators of military drone planes.

One of the things that qCraft can “do” is quantum teleportation. This has led some of those future scientist kids to think that the reason Google currently has a barge floating in the San Francisco harbor is that it is planning to teleport it, in broad daylight, into a different universe, using Hartmut Neven’s multiverse theory and D-Wave’s quantum computer. Google has been practicing how to do this with their qCraft quantum simulator. According to qCraft, it should work.

No way kids. D-Wave’s QC is incapable of teleportation, because the degree to which it can entangle things is not sufficient to achieve it. Teleportation can only be achieved by gate model quantum computers, not by adiabatic quantum computers… at least perfect teleportation. At most, adiabatic QCs like D-Wave’s might be able to achieve an imperfect teleportation. Let me illustrate this with an animated gif of the inferior teleportation product sold by Google. If you want perfect teleportation, you can’t have it kid, because Google refuses to work on gate model QCs. Google could invest in both QC types and race them against each other but it hasn’t. Google is no Bell Labs, it’s not even an IBM, it’s more like Ron Popeil‘s Ronco-matics lab.



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  2. Bravo

    Comment by Sooraj — November 9, 2013 @ 9:20 am

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