Quantum Bayesian Networks

December 11, 2013

qJennings thinks qWatson is a moron

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As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I’m currently working on Operation Lisbeth (the goldfish with the dragon tattoo), a top secret project here at my mega corporation Artiste. Operation Lisbeth is a DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY 🙂 that combines quantum computing and AI. I’m almost finished writing a Java applet that generates a quantum circuit of my algorithm if the user enters certain input parameters. The quantum circuit is outputted in super advanced ASCII graphics.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up and realize that there is a fatal flaw in my algorithms, but for today at least, I’m feeling quite satisfied with myself because I think I really nailed the name of my Java application. I named it qJennings. Someday IBM will produce a quantum computer application called qWatson that will try to match its wits against qJennings and fail. My Oh my Mr. qJennings, we are feeling smug today.

qJennings logo

qJennings logo, qJennings Strikes Back, The Return of the Jedi qJennings

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