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June 8, 2014

Quantum Supremacy (the movie)

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A movie was made of the Facebook/Mark Zuckerberg story, so I suspected that in the future, a movie would also be made of the Google/D-Wave partnership. Sure enough, I used my Martian Wormhole WiFi connection to look at YouTube Videos uploaded during the years 2014-2025. This led me to the following movie titled “Quantum Supremacy”, slated to open on May 15, 2019:

Beginning scene . Hartmut Neven speaks to an imaginary person that is supposed to be standing where the cameraman is. We see Hartmut as if through that imaginary person’s eyes:

Hartmut Neven: “My story? You want to know my story? … I’ll tell you my story…You know…I wasn’t always a janitor. I was once a highly paid department head at Google. Then one day, I walked into Larry Page’s office and advised him on how Google could achieve Quantum Supremacy. I remember well that day and the amazing events that followed…”

Scene of Neven as a janitor fades away into a scene of Neven entering Larry Page’s office 2 years ago…

Quantum Supremacy (the movie)

Quantum Supremacy (the movie)


  1. [Scene: Larry Page’s office]
    [audible knock on door]
    PAGE: Come in!
    [bearded man with face-mounted computer enters]
    PAGE: Sergey, take that damned thing off, how many times do I have to tell you. And remove your shoes. No, on second thought leave them on.
    BRIN: Yes sir.
    PAGE: Give me an update on Operation Fortitude.
    BRIN: Sir, the deception has been a complete success. Everyone believes we’ve been led down the D-wave rabbit hole. Nobody even suspects we’ve been perfecting our own gate model quantum computer on a barge right here in the bay.
    PAGE: Excellent, so qD-day can proceed.
    BRIN: Sir, there’s just one problem. It turns out that all the key algorithmic breakthroughs necessary for our quantum bayesian AI have been patented by a mysterious company called “Ar-tiste”.
    PAGE: What the..
    [audible typing]
    PAGE: Who the hell are they?
    BRIN: Sir, it’s very strange. They consistently refer to themselves in the plural, yet we can find only one name associated with the company, “Robert Tucci”.
    PAGE: It must be an anagram of some sort. There’s no way one human individual could accomplish all this. I want you to find out who- or what- is really behind them. Use everything at your disposal – Gmail, Android phone logs, your wife’s DNA database. In the mean time, activate some third tier academic assets- really disposable ones. Have them plagiarize the heck out of “Robert Tucci’s” arXiv papers, we’ll see if that draws him out of his shell.
    BRIN: Sir, consider it done sir!
    [door shuts]
    PAGE: I can’t believe I used to let that idiot call himself co-CEO.

    Comment by Max Born — June 9, 2014 @ 4:41 pm

  2. Thanks Max. I hope I don’t show up in the movie, although I do hope the plagiarists Joe Henson, Raymond Lal, Matthew Pusey and the Academy of Sciences of the University of Vienna make an appearance.

    Comment by rrtucci — June 10, 2014 @ 1:58 pm

  3. […] While this is all quite fascinating in the academic sense, at this time I nevertheless regard quantum speed-up as overrated from a practical point of view. Once I manage to set some time aside I will try to explain in my next blog post why I don't think that this has any bearing on D-Wave's value proposition. There's no place in the multiverse for the snarky, dark movie script that Robert Tucci offered up the other day […]

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