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July 15, 2014

Six Californias, Says D-Wave

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Check out the following news item

‘Six Californias’ plan may make 2016 ballot
(by Laura Mandaro, USA TODAY Network , July 15, 2014)


SAN FRANCISCO — A plan backed by venture capitalist Tim Draper to split California into six states has gained enough signatures to make the November 2016 ballot, the plan’s backers say.
A Twitter account belonging to the nonprofit Six Californias tweeted on Monday that “#SixCalifornias will be submitting signatures in Sacramento tomorrow for placement on the November 2016 ballot. Stay tuned for coverage!”

Draper is a founding member of the venture capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson, known for its investments in successful growth ventures such as Hotmail, Baidu, Tesla Motors and Skype. Recently, Draper won the federal government’s auction of bitcoins once owned by online drugs portal Silk Road.

The relevance of this news item to quantum computing might not be immediately obvious to the casual observer so let me be the first to explain it.

Tim Draper is a billionaire who has made his fortune mainly from web-based companies. His VC firm Draper-Fisher-Jurvetson is one of the main investors in D-Wave. He got the idea of splitting California into six parts during a D-Wave session, which I’ve copy & pasted below

> Hello Tim
(%i1) How do I cure cancer?
(%o1) 6
(%i2) What is wrong with this Lockheed F-35 (Joint Strike Fighter) software program?
(%o2) 6
(%i3) How do I stop climate change?
(%o3) 6
(%i4) How do I fix all of California's problems?
(%o4) 6
(%i5) How many billionaires should rule California?
(%o5) 6


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