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May 1, 2015

How Tara the Elephant and Bella the Dog Saved Mankind

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I try to keep this blog focused on quantum computation and quantum Bayesian networks. This blog post has nothing to do with either, so you better skip it if that is what you come here to read. The blog post is basically an overly sentimental children’s tale or an amateurish Greek-like myth about animals, written by me to avoid doing real work.

God had had it with humans. Their most recent war was the last straw. This was not what God had planned when God created mankind.

But then, just before God pulled the plug on Earth and pulverized the entire planet, Saint Peter, that wily fox, said to God. “Dear God, I know you are in no mood to hear from another human, but, before you wipe out Earth, could you please grant a hearing to my friends Tara the elephant and Bella the dog.” Now God knew that Peter was a wily fox, but he had a deep respect for the opinion of elephants and dogs, so he said, “Sure, why not”.

Bella spoke first. “I heard from a crow that you intend to kill my master. I will not allow it. My master, she is my best friend. I will fight you to the death to protect her.” And then Bella bared her fangs and growled at God.

God replied: “Perhaps your master has been good to you, but other humans treat dogs cruelly. Some even eat them. What have you to say to that?”

Bella responded: “My master needs the companionship of other humans. My master can teach other humans to be kind like her. I will not allow you to harm her”. And now Bella started barking aggressively at God.

“And how about you Tara, what do you have to say to me”, said God.

Tara spoke then: “Me and my mahout have been constant companions ever since he was a child. He is my baby. I raised him well. He has always been kind to me and others. I will not allow you to harm him either.” And then Tara made a furious trumpeting sound, the type of sound the matriarch of a herd of elephants makes when a lion is nearby, and threatens the herd’s baby elephants. A warning to the lion, a call to arms to the whole herd. If you ever hear such a sound, you better run for dear life or you will end up as flat as a pancake.

“Well, maybe not your mahout, Tara”, said God, “but I’ve seen other mahouts be quite cruel to their elephants.”

“I don’t care”, said Tara. “My mahout will teach other mahouts to be kind like him. I will block this doorway that you use to go to Earth, for as long as I live, and longer. For an eternity if I have to. You will see how true it is that elephants never forget”.

And then God thought about it for a full year. Tara and Bella blocked his way the whole time.

At the end of the year, God addressed his two picketers thus: “You have won, dear Bella and Tara. You have my solemn promise that I will not destroy Earth. If that ever happens, it will be because humans do it to themselves. You may return to Earth now.”

After Tara and Bella returned to Earth, God created a giant constellation in the image of Tara and a smaller one next to it, in the image of Bella, to remind God of the promise made to them.

Tara the elephant and Bella the dog are/were real animals at a zoo in Tennessee. You can Google them if you want. Sadly, Bella died a few years ago. I first learned about them when I encountered by serendipity the photo contained in this blog post. I fell in love with the photo immediately (dogs and elephants have always been two of my favorite animals).



  1. Hello Bob: Since there is a dearth of news about quantum computation, hence your children’s tale blog, here is something from IBM being touted as a possible “breakthrough!!” As a physicist, give us a critique of it. Or is it much ado about nothing? Thanks and have a good day.

    Comment by Sol Warda — May 1, 2015 @ 10:32 pm

  2. Sorry Bob! I forgot to give you the link! Here it is: http://www.informationweek.com/infrastructure/pc-and-servers/ibm-sets-quantum-computing-milestone/d/d-id/1320206

    Comment by Sol Warda — May 1, 2015 @ 10:49 pm

  3. Hi Sol. I haven’t spoken about it because it has been so widely reported. I think it’s great news for QC software companies like Artiste-qb.net. Some of the quotes I’ve read from IBM spokesmen say something like “IBM will be the first to build a real quantum computer”. Now those are fighting words. Sounds to me like they are challenging Google to a duel. It’s interesting to compare IBM’s gate model device to Martinis’ before he was convinced by Google to build an annealer. I think IBM may force Google to ask Martinis to build both a gate model device and an annealer at the same time. Big G sure has enough dough to do it, much more than Big Blue.

    Comment by rrtucci — May 2, 2015 @ 4:45 am

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