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June 26, 2015

Congratulations to LGBT Community!!

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Today was a joyful, historic day for gay rights in America and universal human rights in general. The US Supreme Court ruled in favor of same sex marriage for all states. Hurray! Live and let live. Antonin Scalia, tu puzzi!


Gay Bayesian: Alan Turing used Bayesian techniques to break the German Uboat codes, thus contributing significantly to bringing WW2 to an end.

Coming soon: The Gay Quantum Computer

June 22, 2015

How the Conservatives Saved Physics, by Lubos Motl

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A friend of mine that works in the publishing industry has informed me that Lubos Motl is currently putting the finishing touches on a book that he has written entitled: “How the Conservatives Saved Physics”. Two possible covers have been leaked to the press. Here they are:


Lubos Motl believes that quantum computers are allowed by the laws of physics, and that they will be built someday. He considers them an interesting engineering problem, but not as fundamental as his beloved String Theory. He has a very low opinion of what he calls anti-quantum zealots, such as Many-World and QBism advocates. I don’t agree with Lubos about many things, but I agree with him on everything I’ve said so far.

Note that QBism and Quantum Bayesian Networks are very different animals. QB nets are just a graphical way of representing quantum density matrices. They are not a new interpretation of quantum mechanics like QBism claims to be.

June 18, 2015

The BibMatic LaTex Package For Automatic Bibliography Generation

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BibMatic Screenshot

BibMatic Screenshot

Compiling a bibliography for a scientific research paper can be a long, tedious task if done by hand. I recently encountered a free computer application called BibMatic that makes this task really easy.

BibMatic was designed with the budding and not so budding academic in mind. Some of its features were conceived to address specifically the needs of academics.

You can find BibMatic at the LaTex Repository, CTAN.

Next, I will describe it and give a screen-shot of its user interface.

Suppose that you are an academic writing a paper for ArXiv. It used to be that the bibliography (bib) of your paper was supposed to list predominantly those papers that were directly relevant or overlapped significantly with your paper. That vestigial purpose of bibs is but a faint memory today. Nowadays, the real purpose of your bib is to list only the papers of your best friends (that includes you) and of the people that may in the future offer you a job. Overlapping papers be hanged.

Citing papers not written by you that overlap significantly with your paper is not recommended by most quantum computing thesis advisers. According to them, it is better not to mention those papers at all. Later on, if your omission comes to the public’s attention, you can claim that you didn’t know about that prior work when you wrote your paper, so you should get as much credit as prior workers. Either that, or you should get ALL the credit. You can achieve the latter effect by getting your friends to cite your paper and not the prior ones, so the prior work is slowly forgotten. Your friends can rest assured that you will extend the same courtesy to them if the opportunity arises at a future date.

BibMatic inputs:

  • Select Your LaTex File:
    Press this button and a new window will open allowing you to select from your computer drive the LaTex file for which you want to compile a bib.
  • Brown List:
    Insert into this list the names of people you desperately want to brown-nose by citing their work, even if their work has nothing to do with your paper. BibMatic will include in the bib all papers ever written by these people.
  • Black List:
    Insert into this list the names of people you hate, or the academic community frowns upon, and you consider too low on the totem pole to be capable of hurting you.
  • Overlap Lower Bound(%):
    Insert in here a number X between 1 and 100. Only papers with overlap greater than X will be included in the bib, unless, of course, the author is in the Brown List or Black List.
  • Compile My Bib:
    When you press this button, BibMatic will first generate from your LaTex paper a dictionary of words and phrases with their relative frequencies in your paper. Then BibMatic will interface with Google Scholar and the arXiv search engine to compile a bib for you.

BibMatic output

  • Bib:
    A list of papers that overlap with your paper more than X% or were written by the authors in your Brown List, but were not written by the authors in your Black List. Next to each paper is a number indicating the percentage overlap with your paper . A handy Delete button next to each citation allows you to delete from the bib those papers that are too close to yours for comfort and those that you are plagiarizing.

June 1, 2015

Dutch-Microsoft Team Moving in for the Quantum Kill, Russians too scared to fight back

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Check out the following news article:

Dutch invest €135m in developing a quantum computer (DutchNews.nl, June 1, 2015)

If the race to build a Kitaev quantum computer resembles a game of soccer, then Team Netherlands, newly equipped with 135 million euros, is now moving in for the kill of Team Russia.

Team Netherlands routinely trounces Team Russia in classical soccer. Will Team Russia be steamrolled by the Dutch team, those orange pests, in quantum soccer too?

The Dutch team is partly owned by Microsoft, so USA’s hands are directing this operation under the table. Will imperialistic USA, through its Dutch proxies, humiliate Russia AGAIN?

Will Team Russia regroup and mount a valiant defense, or will it flee in panic? Those tulip wielding, swamp dwelling, pot smoking pests in wooden shoes, can they kill a Russian bear? Find out on our next episode of Game of Q-Thrones…

Russian version of arXiv coming soon.

Previous episodes:

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