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June 1, 2015

Dutch-Microsoft Team Moving in for the Quantum Kill, Russians too scared to fight back

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Check out the following news article:

Dutch invest €135m in developing a quantum computer (DutchNews.nl, June 1, 2015)

If the race to build a Kitaev quantum computer resembles a game of soccer, then Team Netherlands, newly equipped with 135 million euros, is now moving in for the kill of Team Russia.

Team Netherlands routinely trounces Team Russia in classical soccer. Will Team Russia be steamrolled by the Dutch team, those orange pests, in quantum soccer too?

The Dutch team is partly owned by Microsoft, so USA’s hands are directing this operation under the table. Will imperialistic USA, through its Dutch proxies, humiliate Russia AGAIN?

Will Team Russia regroup and mount a valiant defense, or will it flee in panic? Those tulip wielding, swamp dwelling, pot smoking pests in wooden shoes, can they kill a Russian bear? Find out on our next episode of Game of Q-Thrones…

Russian version of arXiv coming soon.

Previous episodes:

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