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August 20, 2015

Artiste-qb.net is the Next Palantir

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In the book trilogy The Lord of the Rings (LOTR), a Palantir (plural Palantiri) is a “seeing stone” (similar to a divining crystal ball) that can be used to communicate from itself to another seeing stone. It can also be used to see what is happening far away. But all this comes at a price: a Palantir can sometimes harm and corrupt its users.

The first palantiri looked like this.
They had very few features (just a circle and a vee, very plain if you ask me). Furthermore, they were not very powerful. With them, you might be able to see across 15 miles in good weather, or through 3 medium-thick stone walls, at most. Not ideal for Sauron and Aragorn to communicate. If you are an old geezer, and you still insist in buying one of these older palantir models, you can find them here.

By now, most creatures in Middle Earth have traded their old palantir for a smart model, a quantum Palantir or qPalantir for short. A qPalantir looks like this (the dragon fly model)
and it contains inside a quantum computer that can do teleportation, etc. Now that’s a Palantir!


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  1. Very gossipy article with almost 1/2 million views to date, describing the company Palantir


    Comment by rrtucci — August 21, 2015 @ 5:55 pm

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