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August 30, 2015

Cambridge Quantum Computing, A Company Without Any Products

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(About the company Cambridge Quantum Computing, owned by Grupo Arcano of Alberto Chang Rajii)

(QC=quantum computer or quantum computing)

According to their website, Cambridge QC

“has built a proprietary operating system for Quantum Computers (t|ket>) and has a suite of quantum algorithms for applications and programmes in various stages of development.”

Let me mention here that Microsoft also has an “operating system” (OS) called LiquiD that simulates QCs on parallel computers.

The IQC of the Univ. of Waterloo Canada has their own OS called “Quipper”.

It would be totally amazing if Google, IBM and China/Alibaba weren’t each developing their own OS.

Of course, any software for D-Wave’s annealer QC has to use or be compatible with the D-Wave OS. I haven’t heard of any partnerships between CambridgeQC and D-Wave like the one the company 1Qbit has.

In fact, “operating systems” for QCs have a history spanning almost 2 decades. Here is a partial list compiled by Quantiki.

So what is so special about Ticket that makes it worth a $50M investment?

The CambridgeQC website has no screen shots, manuals, documentation, API or demo (and of course no source code) for Ticket. Not a single paper has been published in a journal or arXiv describing Ticket’s capabilities and usage. This is CambridgeQCs only product so far, and it is totally closed and secret.

My company artiste-qb.net already has 11 patents (5 granted, 6 pending) in QC software and would like very much to look at a Demo of Ticket to judge whether Ticket is infringing on our patents. (CambridgeQC does not mention in their website owning a single patent). Our patents are USA patents, so if CambridgeQC infringes on them and plans to do business in the USA or to get USA government funding, I believe they would be doing something illegal.


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