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December 22, 2015

The Battle of the Century For Quantum Supremacy: Alibaba Versus Google

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Have you read some of the recent quantum computing headlines in the Chinese news media? No…, well it so happens that I am a fluent Mandarin Chinese speaker* , so let me translate a few of those headlines for you.(* with the help of Google translator)

  • China Planning to Unveil Soon Their Own Quantum Computer. Pundits Expect It To Be Much More Popular Than Google’s.
    chinese-dwaver (click to expand)

  • The Computer Fight of the Century: Alibaba versus Google
  • Alibaba Says: “Damn You Google. We Will Beat You At Quantum Computing”

Keep in mind that China is about to finalize its next 5 year plan at the end of March 2016, and that it might choose in that plan either a $10B, 100 TeV particle accelerator, OR 50 quantum computers (at $200M apiece) , BUT NOT BOTH

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December 15, 2015

Artiste-qb.net Makes Dec 8 watershed Quantum Computing announcement on Dec 15

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There is no denying. Google and NASA are publicity geniuses. Geniuses I tell you!

On Nov 20, Google and NASA announced in dramatic and coy Apple fashion, that they would hold a press conference on Dec. 8 to announce a major QC breakthrough. At the Dec 8 conference and subsequent blog post and arXiv paper, Hartmut Neven announced that Google is now “faster than the universe” (Steve Jurvetson expression), having achieved a 10^8 speedup compared to classical computers. According to TMZ, Hartmut Neven was wearing a black turtle neck and jeans to the event(citation needed).

Quite predictably, on Dec 9, just one day later, Scott Aaronson posted in his blog a voluminous refutation of Google’s claims, but most of the general public showed itself quite disinterested in his opinion on the matter. If only his blog were more succinct. Someone who wishes to remain anonymous once tweeted: “Thank God Scott Aaronson is too wordy for Twitter”.

Since Dec.8, our company artiste-qb.net’s publicity department, 50 persons strong, has been struggling to come up with our own “watershed announcement” to match Google’s. We decided to send Mark Zuckerberg a book for his baby girl and Jack Ma a baseball cap. We also sent a TMZ spy to capture in a photo the precise moment when Mark and Jack were trying these items on for fit, just before they decided to discard them. Here is what we came up with.

Addendum (17 Oct 2017) I’ve been recently told that in some parts of China, wearing a hat is a sign of bad luck. Sorry, didn’t mean to offend. In America, a baseball hat is considered a very friendly garment and the color green is a symbol of hope, springtime, and renewal.


December 6, 2015

The Canadian Starship and the Dutch Campervan

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On Dec. 3, 2015, three mayor Dutch universities opened a new institute called QuSoft that, according to the press release, will be dedicated exclusively to writing quantum computing software. QuSoft is being billed as the first academic institute to be dedicated in that manner, and I tend to agree. As far as I know, no other nation has a similar institute.

It seems clear that QuSoft and its partner Dutch institute, QuTech, which does hardware instead of software, have intentions of eventually converting into private corporations after government funding has made them profitable. I reported earlier on QuTech in my previous blog post entitled “The Dutch Stallion and the Canadian Donkey”. Thus, it appears that the QuSoft-QuTech-Intel-Microsoft juggernaut will become more industrial and less academic as time goes on.

Meanwhile, IQC of the Univ. of Waterloo, Canada, founded 13 years ago (2002), has spent more than $150M to become the world’s leading powerhouse in NMR quantum computing and quantum cryptography, both known to be dead end streets since day one. They have also produced a computer game called QuantumCats, a knockoff of Angry Birds. Playing QuantumCats for 100 hours teaches less quantum mechanics than reading Wikipedia articles about QM for 15 minutes. Also, a Canadian Univ. (Dalhousie) used American defense funding (from IARPA) to write a QC programming environment called Quipper. The only problem is that Quipper is written in Haskell, a programming language so cryptic that almost nobody uses it in industry.

But despair not, Justin Bieber compatriots. I live in the US, but the company that I work for, artiste-qb.net, is incorporated in Canada. Oh Canada, we salute thee!

small-dragonflyartiste-qb.net is a software company led by scientist programmers with close ties to industry, not by academics that program in Haskell. Our “Quantum Fog on GitHub” project is open-source under the BSD license and coded in Python. We also have 12 QC software patents (6 granted and 6 pending). QuSoft starts off with zero patents.

Time will tell, but right now, QuSoft is looking pretty frumpy compared to my company. QuSoft reminds me of a Dutch campervan, of the type that plagues French, German and Spanish camping sites every summer. If you are not familiar with this natural phenomenon, comparable to a Monarch butterfly migration, here is a description from the National Geographic (sort of). On the other hand, artiste-qb.net reminds me of a starship, an analogy which I made before in my previous blog post entitled: “Houston, Tranquility Base here, the Dragonfly has┬álanded”. artiste-qb.net will reach for the stars, and QuSoft will reach for the cows.

The TonkePR4, deluxe Dutch campervan. Now all my Dutch readers will want to own one.

The TonkePR4, deluxe Dutch campervan. Now all my Dutch readers will want to own one.

Houston, Tranquility Base here, the Dragonfly has landed. (image based on NASA photo from here)

Houston, Tranquility Base here, the Dragonfly has landed.
(image based on NASA photo from here)

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