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June 24, 2016

Qubiter’s Excellent Adventure, an Out of Body Quantum Experience with IBM

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On the first week of May, 2016, IBM released, to much fanfare, on the cloud access to a 5 qubit, gate model quantum computer. And with a very nice graphical interface and accompanying simulator to boot, so you can compare the experimental results to the theoretical ones (neglecting noise). They call their service “Quantum Experience” (QE as in Queen Elizabeth, very pro British). You can join QE and use it yourself here The service is free and available to everyone.

I haven’t been blogging too much lately because I’ve very been busy programming my newest project and raising Cain with my silly jokes on Twitter, but it would be a crime if I didn’t write something about this historic for quantum computing release. So here we go.

Much has been written about QE already. Some “experimental” papers have been submitted to arXiv (for example,
https://arxiv.org/abs/1511.00267 ).
Not exactly Fermi caliber experiments, but certainly fun and educational to some. Also, some programmers have written their own simulators and put them on github
(for example, Ganesh, Corbett, Bengualid, and many others)

As my own contribution to all this lively, welcomed activity, I uploaded to Qubiter’s github repo

this script

The script illustrates how to use Qubiter to simulate QE. It outputs

a Picture file and
an English file

for a simple quantum circuit that uses all the gates and only the gates currently realizable by QE. The script also writes on the Python console the probabilities of each of the 5 qubits at the end of the evolution specified by the given initial state vector and quantum circuit.

Of course, Qubiter is capable of simulating much more complicated quantum circuits. This is like a “Hello World” exercise for it. Qubiter is so powerful that it is already capable of simulating the Matrix v0.01. Okay, I’m exaggerating just a little bit. At present, Qubiter can do quantum Fourier transforms, quantum phase estimation, and quantum chemistry (finding ground state energies of simple molecules)

June 8, 2016

Microsoft Quantum Computing Software Patents, A Watch Page

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This blog post will be dedicated to posting links to Microsoft quantum computing software patents. I will keep adding to it as I become aware of newer patents. My method of finding patents is to use the USPTO search engine for granted patents with the queries:

AN/Microsoft AND IN/Wecker

AN/Microsoft AND IN/Svore

Note that the USPTO also has a search engine for patent applications that are not yet granted. I am not listing those here. You can use that search engine yourself if you also want to see “Previews of the Coming Attractions”

I give patent links to the GooglePatents website (instead of to the USPTO website)

  1. Quantum gate optimizations

  2. Optimizing quantum simulations by intelligent permutation

  3. Language integration via function redirection

  4. Quantum annealing simulator

  5. Fast quantum and classical phase estimation

  6. Method and system that produces non-stabilizer quantum states that are used in various quantum circuits and systems

  7. Method and system for optimal decomposition of single-qubit quantum circuits using standard quantum gates

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