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November 2, 2016

Benvenuti Tao Yin and Henry Tregillus

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Benvenuti our newest interns, Tao Yin and Henry Tregillus. Tao Yin recently earned a PhD from Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany. Henry Tregillus, who is close to obtaining a BS in Physics from Fort Lewis College, in Colorado, was one of our interns last summer and has promised to continue working for us. Tao and Henry are both working to improve and extend Quantum Fog.

An Evening of Quantum Crypto

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The Toronto Quantum Computing Meetup is pleased to announce that our next meeting, to be held on Wed. Nov. 16, will be on the subject of Quantum Cryptography. Although strictly speaking, quantum crypto and quantum computing are different subjects, they are often lumped together. IQC at the University of Waterloo, Canada, has invested tons of money on quantum crypto. The US and Chinese governments have too. Ever wonder about the physics involved in quantum crypto or about its commercial prospects? If so, come to discuss this with our club members. The talk will be given by Sara Hosseini, who recently earned a PhD in quantum optics and quantum crypto from the Australian National University. Sara was an intern of artiste-qb.net in the past and she is a member of the meetup.

Toronto Quantum Computing Meetup doesn't disappoint

Toronto Quantum Computing Meetup doesn’t disappoint


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