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March 30, 2017

Betting the farm on Rigetti Spaghetti

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#ElvisSighting #SteveJobsSighting

Steve Jobs and/or his Reality Distortion Field is still alive!!!

Rigetti is a quantum computer company that started about 3 years ago with an initial seed funding of $2.5M. Two days ago, the press revealed that an additional whopping $64M has been invested in the company. The company is named Trump Rigetti after its founder Chad Rigetti. Sorry but rigetti is not a new kind of macaroni. “il rigetti” actually means “he discards” or “he pukes” in Italian.

Unlike our company artiste-qb.net which does only qc software (and also quantum ready classical software), Rigetti does mostly qc hardware (gate model, superconducting qubits). They intend to offer access to their machine via the cloud, something that DWave and IBM already do, but which slow-poke Google doesn’t do yet, although they are probably months away from doing it to keep up with the Joneses.

Although a $64M investment in qc is good news for artiste-qb.net because a rising tide raises all boats, I advise you not to invest your pension on this one. I consider it a very risky investment for the following reasons.

As far as I know, team Rigetti has yet to publish performance results for their hardware and thus subject their machine to scientific scrutiny the way Martinis at Google has amply done. (Team Rigetti did publish one paper https://arxiv.org/abs/1703.04613 on Mar 15, two weeks ago, but that paper is only about a single qubit and getting 2 qubits to interact in an ideal way is much more difficult).

Alibaba, Google, IBM, Intel, and Microsoft (alphabetical order) , not to mention the govs. of Australia, Canada, China, EU, Holland, UK and USA are each spending tens of millions of dollars per year to achieve the same goal as Rigetti, to build an elusive gate model quantum computer.

Silicon Valley is like a Republican echo chamber: a small, outlier perturbation can snowball in a hurry. Furthermore, the master-minds at Silicon Valley often try to grow their companies in a hurry hoping that these quickly become near monopolies that are too big to fail. That might work for a service company like Uber, but it might not work in the case of a company racing against some of the biggest nations and companies of the world, trying to build/invent a very NOVEL device. In this case, the company is strictly accountable to Mother Nature, and she might not favor it.

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