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September 15, 2017

The Quantum Meetup Supremos Invite You to a Saturday Evening Meetup for shooting the breeze about Quantum AI

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As I mentioned in my previous blog post, Henning Dekant, CEO of artiste-qb.net, is currently attending, throughout this month of September, an intensive bootcamp/course on quantum machine learning and AI. This course is being offered by the Creative Destruction Lab of the Univ. of Toronto. At the end of the course, on Sept. 30, Henning will be hosting a Meetup were he will spill the beans about what he learned. Other participants in the course have been invited. Erudition + Gossip time! Come join us!

This course participant is currently programming the NYC Matrix:

September 7, 2017

Our Man In Toronto—at the CDL (Creative Destruction Lab) Quantum Machine Learning Program

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Henning Dekant, CEO of our company artiste-qb.net, has been admitted to the exciting CDL (Creative Destruction Lab) Quantum AI Program. The program will culminate with sales pitches by the participants to prospective investors. But first, during most of September, Mon to Fri, 8 hrs per day, the participants will attend an intensive bootcamp, complete with problem sets for homework, presided by Peter Wittek, on quantum computing software, classical and quantum machine learning and related subjects.

Henning will be writing a series of blog posts reporting on his thoughts and experiences while attending this CDL program. Here is the first post of that series.

Henning is the dapper one wearing a white guayabera. He will be taking good course notes (including drawings of top secret quantum devices, such as the quantum Alexa, which looks suspiciously like a vacuum cleaner)




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