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December 17, 2017

I Left My Heart in Nanjing, at the Quantum AI Conference, AIQP-2017

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Nanjing University will be holding a Quantum AI conference AIQP-2017 on Dec 20-22, 2017.

Our company artiste-qb.net has its headquarters in Toronto-Canada and is currently a participant in the CDL (Creative Destruction Lab of the Univ. of Toronto) quantum AI incubator.

Dr. Tao Yin, currently living in ShenZhen-China, is the CTO of our company artiste-qb.net. Our man Tao will not be speaking at the conference, but he will be attending and meeting people. Also attending, and speaking!, will be 2 other persons associated with CDL, Dr. Jacob Biamonte and Dr. Peter Wittek. Not speaking, (Whew!) are any IBM, Google or Microsoft representatives.

Quote from conference website:

The workshop is sponsored by the Nanjing University AIQ fund. The AIQ fund is donated by the Founder and President of ECOVACS Robotics, Mr. Qian Dongqi, who is also an alumni of NJU (Bachelor in Physics 1981, and Master in Philosophy 1987).

The Ecovacs company sells excellent robotics vacuum cleaners all over the world.

I end with a “Make China Great Again” Tweet that I have been using recently to advertise our company:


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