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February 6, 2018

The Toronto Quantum Meetup Supremos invite you to our next Meetup entitled “Blockchain & Quantum Computing”

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The Toronto Quantum computing Meetup is the largest meetup in the world dedicated to quantum computing, so we claim the title of Quantum Meetup Supremacy, at least for now. (currently we have 997 Supremos as members. The second biggest club is in London with a paltry 706 Brexiters members).

We cordially invite you to our next meeting on Monday, February 26, 2018 at the “Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence”, a beautiful building that belongs to York Univ.

This meeting is being held jointly with the “Blockchain Hub”, another Toronto Meetup (1604 members currently).

The speaker will be Henning Dekant, the CEO of artiste-qb.net (the company I work for) and 3 other distinguished panelists.

Depressed Bitcoin investors are especially welcomed. Let us cheer you up! We think we are funny. And we have good taste for music too! Supremos is Spanish for Supremes. Ah, The Supremes, the better angels of our (American) nature

Try singing that when the Bitcoin price is going down!

Our company artiste-qb.net is cultivating relationships with standard VC firms via the CDL (Creative Destruction Lab, part of the Rotman School of Business of the Univ. of Toronto), which is an incubator that we are currently participating in, and also with Chinese investors via networking done by our intrepid CTO and part owner, Dr. Tao Yin, who lives in ShenZhen, China.

However, as a side project, we are also contemplating a less traditional source of funding, an ICO. To quote Henning, “There are pitfalls with ICOs as well, the SEC has been clamping down on some, arguing that the tokens represent securities. China outlawed them completely etc. But this company aims at bringing them into regulatory compliance within all of North America, and they are the first to launch a regulator-approved ICO. I know the founders,..” The company Henning was referring to is TokenFunders, another proud Canadian company like us.


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