Quantum Bayesian Networks

July 24, 2018

Are You a Young Male Interested in Quantum Computing? We Recommend a Date with ROSA (Write Once, Simulate Anywhere)

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Five days ago (7/19), Google released it’s long awaited language for quantum computers, called Cirq. Cirq is available at Github as open source under the Apache license. I expect that Google’s 72 qubit quantum computer and accompanying cloud service, also long awaited, will be unveiled soon too.

(Yes, I am referring to the same company that on (7/18), one day before Cirq was released , was fined $5B by the European Union because it favors Google’s search engine in Android devices, and it also is gradually making closed source and proprietary all the new R&D for the key apps in the Android ecosystem, and it also ruthlessly excommunicates anyone who tries to fork the Android repo to produce a serious competitor to Android. It also excommunicates any company that uses any Android fork in any of its products. Google, please say it ain’t so!… and say you won’t try to destroy Qubiter—my qc language and simulator, a microscopic competitor to Cirq.)

Qubiter is available at Github as open source under the BSD license.

So as not to be destroyed by the bad hombres at Google, a mere five days after the release of Cirq, I have given to Qubiter amazing new superpowers. Qubiter now has the ability to translate Qubiter qasm to Google Cirq, IBM qasm and Rigetti Pyquil. I equate these superpowers to the ability to go out on dates with an Italian bombshell actress called ROSA. ROSA is an acronym for

    Write Once, Simulate Anywhere (ROSA)

Let me explain further. In the Qubiter language, you can use as an operation: any one qubit rotation or a swap of two qubits, with any number of controls attached to them. Qubiter has tools (this Jupyter notebook shows how to use those tools) which allow you to expand such multiply controlled operations into simpler “qasm” that contains only single qubit rotations and cnots. If you want to run that Qubiter qasm on IBM’s, Rigetti’s, or Google’s hardware, Qubiter can also translate its qasm to IBM qasm, Rigetti PyQuil and Google Cirq. The notebook below shows how to do this translation


So, the previous notebook in effect shows you how to go on a date with beautiful Miss ROSA. Hurry up and call her before she is all booked up. Signorina ROSA also enjoys befriending other females interested in quantum computing.



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