Quantum Bayesian Networks

August 2, 2018

Konnichiwa (Hello) Nihon (Japan,日本). Quantum Computing MOOC from Keio Univ. in Tokyo

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This week, two of our company’s co-founders, Henning Dekant and Tao Yin, were in Tokyo to attend the Quantum Computing Symposium organized by the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo. An important goal of the trip was to promote: our Bayesforge docker image comprising a vast collection of classical and quantum open source softwares, and our softwares combining classical AI and music.

During our stay, we were honored to meet representatives from various Japanese companies and universities interested in Quantum Computing, such as Fujitsu and Keio University.

Keio University, located in central Tokyo, offers an excellent MOOC on quantum computing taught by Profs. Rodney Van Meter and Takahiko Satoh. (By the way, according to Wikipedia, the term MOOC was coined in Canada to refer to one of the first MOOCs ever offered. Hurray, Canada! I am a passionate advocate of MOOCs)

Prof. Van Meter, who was an undergrad at Caltech where he played a mean game of basketball, is much admired by everyone at artiste-qb.net for his unwavering dedication to teaching. Henning, Rodney, and Tao can be seen below.

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