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August 8, 2018

I am being bullied and harassed at Quantum Computing Stack Exchange (branch of StackOverflow)

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Today almost all of my replies at Quantum Computing Stack Exchange (a branch of StackOverflow) were edited or deleted in a very disdainful way, by a bully called Heather. I politely objected to the moderators by email and received the following reply


According to them, I don’t answer the questions and instead use my replies to advertise my products and my website. This is total BS, I always do the utmost to answer the questions in a polite way, and I’ve never mentioned my website. I do give links to some of my jupyter notebooks iff they directly address the issue being asked. Sometimes I also give a link to the Qubiter repo (Qubiter is open source under the BSD license, so it is hardly “a product”), but the Qiskit, pyQuil and Cirq people link to their repo too. If not they should. It’s pretty ridiculous and inconsiderate to the readers to talk about a software program without giving the URL of its github repo.

The bullies also claim that I don’t mention that I’m the author of the software that I link to. Bizarre claim. If I were plagiarizing someone else’s code, that would be a crime. But since when does one have to explicitly state before every line of code that one cites at Quantum Stack Exchange

# I wrote the following line of code all by myself. My mama did not help me.

Other people from IBM, Rigetti and Google frequently answer questions about their software products at Quantum Stack Exchange and are never taken to task for not mentioning their affiliation or conflict of interest. The double standards of these bullies is hilarious in a Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Fox News kind of way.

After receiving the above unacceptable reply from the moderators, I sent the following email to Tim Post, “Director of Community Strategy, Stack Overflow.” Quite frankly, I expect Tim Post will ignore my email, or else will side with the rapists and blame me, the victim, for dressing provocatively. Typical response by authority figures to harassment claims, you know.

​Dear Sir,

I am rrtucci (Robert Tucci) I would like to point out that I am being bullied and harassed at quantum stack overflow. A person called Heather ( a high school student) has just edited ALL my posts in a very disdainful way that implies I am doing something dishonest by explaining my open source software Qubiter. I don’t see why that is dishonest, the IBM, Google and Rigetti people do it all the time and she doesn’t object to that. Who better than the author of a software to explain it? I have worked in quantum computing for more that 15 yrs and have a PhD in physics. I assure you that everything I say in my comments is true.

This is an example of her bullying. My blog post has received a -2 rating and has been edited by her in a disdainful bullying manner whereas the other dishonest posts that omit mentioning my software have received a rating of 26 points

I very much expect that because of this blog post, I will soon be banned from Quantum Stack Exchange and all my posts there will be deleted. Even if they don’t do that, they have succeeded in intimidating me so that I can’t post replies there anymore. Before the above webpage disappears, or is censored, I saved a copy of it. Here it is


The disingenuousness of the replies, other than mine, in that webpage, is obvious and palpable. None of them mentions Qubiter, an excellent, free, open source under BSD license, and very up-to-date alternative. Instead of mentioning Qubiter, they pad the list with dozens of very old, outdated, softwares. Despite their disingenousness, Heather objects only to my reply. Heather doesn’t claim that something that I say in my reply is false, because my reply is 100% true. Instead, she is outraged that I didn’t explicitly state that I wrote Qubiter (she forcibly inserted the sentence “(Disclaimer: I wrote the code for Qubiter.)” implying that I was doing something very dishonest by not mentioning this) but she doesn’t mind that nobody else mentions their affiliations or conflicts of interest. #MeToo

Update: new blog post


  1. Newest message from bullies at Stackoverflow:
    Moderator Private Message
    from moderators
    sent 37 mins ago


    My name is JuanM and I am one of the community managers at Stack Overflow.

    I was made aware of the situation with your posts on the Quantum Computing site by reading your blog and following up with the moderators of the site about your concerns.

    I’m sorry that the recent experience has been a negative one. We want the members of the community to be comfortable and engaged on the sites so we take these kinds of complaints seriously.

    In this specific case, your posts were reviewed by several of the site moderators and a consensus was reached as to how your posts would be moderated. The community counts on these team members to help keep the site organized and tidy as well as on topic. In situations like yours, a team decision is sought after as individuals can often be limited by what they see. In reviewing your posts, I too agree with the moderators that the tone in some of your posts has been “spammy.”

    I humbly suggest that you take some time to reflect on your responses. The moderator team is not targeting you nor are they wanting to intimidate you. They simply want your contributions to fall within the limits of what is acceptable in the community.

    Community Manager, Stack Overflow

    My response message was this:

    No, I have only mentioned code that is open source under the BSD license, and the github repo thereof, so that is not spammy. I have only linked to code which I wrote myself. If someone cites his own code, is that wrong? Does StackOverflow forbid citing ones own code? Lastly, I can point to numerous instances where IBM, Rigetti and Google people commented on their companies code and were not harassed and told that they had to disclose their affiliation or conflict of interest.

    Comment by rrtucci — August 8, 2018 @ 5:39 pm

  2. Second message from bullies at StackOverflow:
    I would be grateful for your help in finding the instances where “IBM, Rigetti and Google people commented on their companies code.”


    My reply was this:

    to moderators
    There are numerous questions and answers alluding to IBM qasm, Rigetti Pyquil, and Google Cinq. You can find them yourself. As far as I can see, you never or almost never ask those authors to identify their affiliation or conflict of interest. Are their replies “spammy” too? It is clear to me that you have a double standard. Bullies and harassers like you have a double standard that they use to abuse their position of power and then, rather than admitting guilt, they blame the victim of their abuse for “asking for it”

    Comment by rrtucci — August 8, 2018 @ 10:03 pm

  3. Nasty aint’ it? Then again, you don’t trully beleve some “high school” something had done it to you right? For they come into many a face!
    I was trying ot tell you for years, the Arena is already overloaded – sooner or later it will have to explode! What a pitty for it could be a nice
    dream if we were the “good guys” but then, who has the luxury of been the :good guy” any more?

    Comment by Theo — August 8, 2018 @ 11:30 pm

  4. You think “Heather” is a high school student, I guess because is says so on her profile. But I’d be willing to bet “Heather” is really the pseudonym for a certain MIT professor.

    Comment by Max Born — September 6, 2018 @ 9:27 pm

  5. High Max. It’s possible she is a high school student. Whoever she is, from the reply I got from the moderators when I protested, it’s clear that she wasn’t acting alone and that some premeditation went into it. They maliciously redacted almost all my posts at once. I’m out of there anyway. I was a fool to spend my valuable time working for free to generate content for a bullying company like that. I’m sure a more healthy alternative to toxic Stackoverflow will arise sooner or later. Social networks are a dime a dozen and toxic ones don’t last. I kind of like the Discourse sites for Edward and PyMC. They are much more polite environments and they don’t encourage thugs to pound their chests and bully others

    Comment by rrtucci — September 7, 2018 @ 1:09 am

  6. You just don’t get the nature of the game – there ain’t no clean discussions in the era of NSA-esque AI. Soon enough your clean, well covered forum will be penetrated,.first by bots, then by replicas. Agency comes cheap nowadays and it is us that helped it being formed in the first place. So the worse with the accoming Chinese style credit system and our future smart cities. Smart arenas would be a better name since inequity shall never end since it is this that feeds authority and authority lives first of all for its own shake!

    Comment by technofeudalism — September 7, 2018 @ 7:11 am

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