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August 18, 2018

Invest in our Canadian Quantum Computing Company as Hedge Against Imminent American Economic Crisis

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Our quantum computing software company Artiste-qb.net is based in Toronto and incorporated only in Ontario, Canada. This makes us partly immune to:

  • America’s import restrictions, imposed due to national security concerns, on software, especially those restrictions regulating commerce with China. Our software is all open source, we are an OpenSaaS (open software as a service) company, but those import restrictions plus Trump’s tariff wars, would curtail our business activities if we were based in the US. Actively pursuing the Chinese market is an important part of our business plans. One of our co-founders, Dr. Tao Yin, who lives in ShenZhen China, is spearheading our Chinese activities.

  • what I believe is an inevitable, imminent crisis in the American economy. And I am far from being alone in having such a pessimistic outlook for the near term American economy (for example, check out the following opinion piece entitled “Another Epic Economic Collapse is Coming” by the famous conservative pundit, George Will). Consider the impact on the current American economy of the following driving factors:
    1. A probably ultimately counterproductive tax cut for big business,
    2. tariff wars in which everyone loses, waged against our biggest trade partners China, Mexico, Canada, EU, …,
    3. a steep rise in the national debt,
    4. A renouncing of America’s Land Of Immigrants heritage, which is what, more than anything, once made America great,
    5. A population bitterly divided along party lines,
    6. Huge income disparity in population. 1% of Americans now own 70% of the wealth,
    7. a resurgence and acceptance of racial, religious and LGBT prejudice,
    8. A president who on a daily basis Tweets lies, and dumb, banal, embarrassing, racists, misogynist statements. And once he is impeached, we will get Pence, who is another strongly polarizing figure,
    9. removal of regulations that were supposed to protect us from a repeat of financial crisis of 2007–2008
    10. renouncing of any attempts to control or mitigate the very disruptive and costly problem of climate change
    11. disastrous foreign policies
    12. Denigration of the free press, the FBI and our intelligence agencies by Trump and his supporters,
    13. A badly broken Health Care system and no improvement in sight,
    14. A malicious, intransigent and politically super powerful NRA

    This spells “trouble with a capital T” for America.

My advise to you is to invest in our Canadian quantum computing software company artiste-qb.net as a hedge against the looming, imminent American Economic Crisis. Now is the best time to invest in us; the biggest fortunes are made during times of upheaval, not during steady, predictable times.

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  1. True trouble with ober-capital T would be a genuine Weimar followup drawing also EU down the drain, what with Bannon stepping over here, Orban, Porosenko and what have you – a war in the pacific I think would be an excellent opprotunity, especially after Syrian operations miserable failure, unless Iran falls first. You better start thinking over ways to upgrade your qb trees for a true “Darth level”, self-organized drone swarm hive brain, y’ know, with the appropriate yellow label “Use in case of Apocalypse”!

    Comment by technofeudalism — August 29, 2018 @ 5:29 pm

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