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September 11, 2018

IBM and Google Caught off Guard by Rigetti Spaghetti

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Recently, Rigetti, the quantum computer company located in Berkeley, CA, made some bold promises that probably caught IBM and Google off guard, as in the following gif

  • Last month (on Aug 8), Rigetti promised a 128 qubit gate model chip “over the next 12 months”. [comment: Quite ambitious. It may turn out that Rigetti cannot deliver, as promised, a 128 qbit gate model qc in the next 12 months. Nevertheless, Google and IBM must now plan ahead assuming that Rigetti will be on time. IBM and Google may now be forced to speed up their plans for growing the number of qubits in their chips. This is especially true of Google. So far, Google has given a lackluster performance in this race. Their software Cirq is a bad copy of Rigetti’s Pyquil, and much less complete than Pyquil. Also, they promised a 72 qubit chip and cloud service by the beginning of this year but have yet to deliver on that promise. Hurry up Google, you slow-poke!]
  • Then this week (on Sept. 7), Rigetti promised
    1. A “Quantum Cloud Services” (QCS) that intends to compete with Amazon’s cloud services (AWS). Each user of Rigetti’s qc will be given their own virtual environment running Rigetti’s Pyquil and Forest software. [comment: IBM, Google and Microsoft already offer very complete cloud services so they can easily match Rigetti’s cloud offering.]
    2. Partnerships with 12 startups [comment: There is no info in the press release on what generous bounty the startups will get out of this deal. Maybe some Rigetti decals for their laptops, a few Rigetti tee shirts size “small” and some lame bragging rights.]
    3. “$1 million prize for the first conclusive demonstration of quantum advantage on QCS.” [comment: Who knows, the $1M Rigetti prize may spawn similar prizes by IBM and Google. Let’s hope so.]

This is all very good news for our company artiste-qb.net. It raises the value and visibility of the qc field and therefore also of our company. Furthermore, we are hoping that our docker image, Bayesforge, will become an excellent substitute for a Rigetti image. We will be deploying Bayesforge in the next week or two. Stay tuned.


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