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October 8, 2018

Poor Dwave, No longer the only game in town

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Quantum Computing Report has recently published a webpage that they call “scorecard on qubit-technology”. Their webpage contains the following spreadsheet, which they will probably update in the future, but as of Oct 8, 2018, it looks like this (it lists 55 qc hardware contenders):

This blog has been around for a long time (since Aug 2008). I remember a time when Scott Aaronson and Geordie Rose were in pitched battle for the hearts and minds of qc fandom. In Nov 2011, I declared Geordie Rose the winner of that contest:


If you search this blog under “D-Wave” or “Dwave”, you will see that I’ve had much fun reporting about Dwave through out the years, sometimes positively, sometimes not. But much has happened in qc land since Nov 2011, and one is forced to conclude from the above scorecard that Dwave is no longer the only game in town, now it’s more like one out of 55 games in town. Geordie Rose is not even working at Dwave anymore. He left Dwave in 2014, according to his Linkedin page. So I must declare Scott Aaronson, a.k.a. The Forrelator (Save me mamma!), as the belated winner of that brawl. Of course, Scott hasn’t been super successful since then either, so maybe it’s more of a draw. Scott did win a Cheesy Italian Prize last month (prize must have been a stack of cheese pizzas), but his much publicized Super Boson Sampler failed due to, as was first pointed out by Lubos Motl, a mistake in the assumptions and presumptions of Complexity Theory. Also, Scott’s blog in recent times is as popular as the Maytag repairman’s shop. Nowadays, most of the comments in his blog are either by him, or by right-wing crackpots who enjoy torturing him.

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