Quantum Bayesian Networks

January 10, 2019

IBM Releases 20 Qubit Commercial Quantum Computer, Code Name “batbeer tank”

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On Jan 8, IBM unveiled the “World’s First Integrated Quantum Computing System for Commercial Use”. Just imagine, deep down in a shadowy batcave in Yorktown Heights, New York (conveniently located next to Gotham City), in a dank, dark corner of an already dark cave, amid the otherwordly din of bat squeaks and the flapping sound of their wings, and the overpowering smell of bat urine, sits a brewing tank for producing inky black batbeer, made with mysterious black waters found in the cave. Here is what it looks like (bat beer logo by Tony Matýšek)

There is a vast amount of prior research about the scientific subject of batbeer . Here is a small fraction of such work. This list was provided to us by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, compiled by him during one of the rare moments when he is sober and not barfing, or lifting weights with his buddies “P.J., and Squi, and Handsy Hank, and Gang-Bang Greg” (SNL/Matt Damon verified fact) , or dutifully filling his 2019 calendar/lab notebook. You can Google the keyword “batbeer” yourself and obtain a more complete reference list.


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