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January 25, 2019

Chinese Startup, Origin Quantum, publishes impressive software, QRunes, for hybrid classical-quantum computing

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Check this paper out, especially if you are a VC or work for Rigetti

“QRunes: High-Level Language for Quantum-Classical Hybrid Programming”, by Zhao-Yun Chen, Guo-Ping Guo, https://arxiv.org/abs/1901.08340

The authors work for Origin Quantum. Will this company someday provide a serious alternative to Rigetti’s hybrid classical-quantum cloud service? Maybe.

Origin Quantum is a very well funded Chinese startup, based in Heifei, that is working on qc hardware and software, both. I sincerely wish them success! They remind me very much of Rigetti in that they are developing both hardware and software, plus they are strongly committed to the hybrid approach. Not as advanced as Rigetti yet, but a serious challenger. They have the formidable advantage that they will be strongly favored over American companies like Rigetti, by Chinese users. Besides, quantum computing is a marathon, not a sprint, so Rigetti’s head start might turn out to be of little value in the long run.

As you can see from reading the numerous posts in this blog, our startup Artiste-qb.net is very different from both Origin Quantum and Rigetti, although in some very specialized areas, we think we are much stronger than both of them 😎. Our crown jewel is http://www.Bayesforge.com, a collection of many popular open source softwares in a docker image that is currently available on both the Amazon and Tencent clouds. Although Artiste is incorporated in Canada and based in Toronto, one of our cofounders, Dr. Tao Yin, runs an affilate company in Shenzhen, China. Our software Qubiter is similar to QRunes in some important respects.

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