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May 26, 2019

Tucci’s Work Going “Almost” Viral (LOL)

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Sometimes you find yourself losing faith in yourself and in your hard work of 20 years. But then some very kind people rise out of damn Twitter!, of all God forsaken places, to reassure you. At such times, you thank God for Twitter (LOL, I never thought I would say that. 99% of the time, I hate Twitter with a passion. I used to belong to Twitter, but no longer do. On those painful occasions when I peek into it, I access it via a prophylactic incognito tab of my web browser. )

My recent blog post entitled “Quantum simulator Qubiter now has a native TensorFlow Backend” has been shared on Twitter by a small, select group of super kind people. I want to store in this blog post the ID of those tweets before Twitter archives them and the Twitter search engine stops listing them. As of today, upon querying the Twitter search engine with the keywords (“quantum” or “quantumcomputing”) and “tensorflow”, I count 11 Tweets. In my book, even one retweet is like going “almost” viral!🙃


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