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June 25, 2019

Two Days Wasted and not Wasted, to get glorious class graph for Qubiter

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3 days ago, I first posted some automatically generated documentation for Qubiter at the readthedocs.org website. My first readthedocs…like having sex for the first time, not. I’ve now improved that documentation by adding a glorious, automatically generated class graph for Qubiter (a diagram showing all of Qubiter’s classes with arrows pointing from parent to children classes).

To accomplish this, I wrote in the last 2 days a python script called `classgraph.py` (which can now be found at the Qubiter repo at github) that generates this class graph by first scanning the Qubiter code to gather the necessary info, and then using the graphviz software to process that info. Writing that script was, in a sense, a waste of time, because a class graph, even though it looks gorgeous, is of marginal utility to the users. It helps them navigate the code slightly better, I guess. In my defense, I would like to say that 2 days is a short time, and I learned a lot in those 2 days. I learned some stuff (coding skills) that will no doubt be useful to me at a later date (like, for example, stuff about graphviz, the readthedocs website, and restructured text)

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