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June 30, 2019

A Cool, Highly Effective Combination: parametric quantum circuit + Jupyter notebook with widgets + Qubiter

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Check out my new Jupyter notebook for Qubiter.

Sorry. The following link was broken for a while because I unwittingly damaged the json format of the notebook. It’s now working again


Here is a jpeg of the widgets that this notebook presents to the user. On my computer, it takes a few seconds before the widgets are rendered, so if you don’t see this immediately, near the bottom of the notebook, when you open the notebook in your browser, just be patient. Sometimes, the widgets don’t show up unless you **run** the notebook. Sorry.


Suppose that you are interested in printing out the state vector of a quantum circuit at various times (points) in its evolution, as well as at the end of the circuit. Qubiter can do that.

Furthermore, suppose that the circuit is a parametric one, and you want to vary its parameters using sliders on a gui (graphical user interface). Qubiter can do that too, via a jupyter notebook with widgets. This notebook is one such notebook.

A jupyter notebook with widgets gives you the best of both worlds, the gui world and the notebooks world.

Gui’s excel at reducing the possibility of user errors, increasing the ease of use for the user, and reducing the amount of understanding of the code that is demanded from the user in order for him or her to use the code correctly.

Notebooks excel at providing a robust, flexible, ready made, familiar method of documenting and saving your work for multiple use cases. They are also great for explaining your work to others with great detail and precision.

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