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July 30, 2019

Quantum Computing Patents for sale

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I have 4 quantum computing patents to my name that I am looking to sell for cash. They are described here. If interested, contact me at rrtucci_at_gmail.com or at the email address given on the right margin of this blog. I am also available for consulting on quantum computing patents, about which I have intimate knowledge accrued over many years.

Speeding Up Python

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“Use Cython to get more than 30X speedup on your Python code” by George Seif https://link.medium.com/GkeRZLl3JY

July 2, 2019

Qubiter now has an automatically generated SUMMARY of all its Jupyter notebooks

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I just added to Qubiter one of those features that Americans like to call “A Big Time Saver”. Automobiles, washers and driers of clothing, those are all big time savers, but this is even better… for Qubiter users.

Something about Qubiter’s jupyter_notebooks folder had been embittering my life. But, praise the Lord and Hallelujah :), today I found a solution to that something, a solution that I find very satisfying. Let me tell you all about it.

Qubiter has a folder full of Jupyter notebooks (in fact, 27 of them). Opening a notebook takes a short while, which is slightly annoying. I wanted to give Qubiter users the ability to peek inside all the notebooks at once, without having to open all of them. Qubiter’s new SUMMARY.ipynb notebook allows the user to do just that.

SUMMARY.ipynb scans the directory in which it lives to find all Jupyter notebooks (other than itself) in that directory. It then prints for every notebook it finds (1) a hyperlink to the notebook, and (2) the first cell (which is always markdown) of the notebook. This way you can read a nice, automatically generated summary of all the notebooks without having to open all of them. If you find a notebook that you want to explore further, you can simply click on its link to open it.

Here is the code that I use. I posted it on StackOverflow


And here is Qubiter’s notebook using the code:


July 1, 2019

Xanadu AI, Scam Alert

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P.S. Xanadu AI is a scam Canadian company that has nothing to do with “Project Xanadu” of the brilliant Ted Nelson.

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