Quantum Bayesian Networks

August 2, 2019

Quantum Ghosts, not

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Check out

Quantum Ghosts by Catherine Klauss

The article reports that a group of Israeli programmers has added to IBM qiskit a simulator that stores a state vector for each possibility (“branch”) of a measurement. The article implies that this Israeli-qiskit simulator is the first to have this feature, but Qubiter has had this feature for 4 years. For example, Qubiter uses this feature in its notebook explaining Teleportation


The article also implies that this feature is equivalent to the Everett multi-world interpretation of quantum mechanics. Not true. This is just a computational device. You don’t have to believe in multiple worlds to use this computational device. In fact, an analogous computational device exists in classical probability, and one doesn’t have believe in multiple worlds to use that either.

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