Quantum Bayesian Networks

August 11, 2019

Day One of quantum-bnlearn

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I’ve sung the praises of bnlearn in this blog many times before.

bnlearn is an R package for structure learning of bayesian networks. (Note, however, that it is very easy and painless to call C from R, and all the time consuming parts of bnlearn, more than half of its code lines, are written in C. Also, in case you prefer python to R, a python wrapper for bnlearn is in the works. Until that wrapper comes out, R-magic allows you to call bnlearn in R within a python jupyter notebook. In fact, I do this in the jupyter notebooks of my program Quantum Fog.)

bnlearn is the labor of love, ten years in the making and still going strong, of the kind, smart, wise Marco Scutari.

I am sure that most of the stuff in bnlearn has a quantum bayesian networks analogue and will someday be part of what is nowadays being called in quantum computing circles, quantum ai. Whether quantum bnlearn will be useful for anything, or better in any way to its classical counterpart, God only knows, but it certainly will be different and interesting to explore. Let this blog post mark the first day of quantum bnlearn, which I will henceforth call Project Scutari, in honor of this great man.

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