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September 27, 2019

Welcome to first release of Entanglish

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“Speak Quantum Friend and Enter”

Today, I uploaded to github my new software library called Entanglish (open source, under BSD license). Entanglish is a Python toolbox for calculations related to quantum entanglement (including squashed entanglement).


Entanglish includes a 15 page paper entitled “A New Algorithm for calculating Squashed Entanglement and a Python Implementation Thereof” (to be published) that explains some of the algorithms that are used in the software.



art by Darrell Sweet

September 22, 2019

Wendy Kopp, founder of Teach For America

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As usual, the NPR radio show “How I Built This”, with Guy Raz, was a winner this weekend. This time they interviewed the founder of a non-profit company! And she is awesome, a truly inspiring visionary, a smart and kind alpha dog 😊 Wendy Knopp, founder of Teach For America.



Like I always say, “How I built this” should be required listening for anyone starting a company, quantum or otherwise.

September 19, 2019

Catnip for String Theorists, topological bridges in quantum computing

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Quantum Computing for Finance, bullshit or not?

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The anonymous Twitter account called Quantum Bullshit Detector (@BullshitQuantum) says yes. I reported this in Reddit.

Aliro, a quantum startup from Harvud, gets $2.7M

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A little over a year ago, I announced in this blog that my software Qubiter had just acquired a capability that I called ROSA, an acronym for “Rite Now, Simulate Anywhere”. It means that Qubiter can translate from its language into all the other quantum languages that run real physical devices. Now a TechCrunch infomercial reports in gushing terms that a startup called Aliro, based in Harvard, has received $2.7M for promising to do in the future something that sounds very similar to ROSA, which is already available for free via Qubiter.

The main VC in this $2.7M funding round is called Flybridge Capital. I suspect they also invest in tiny bridges for flies, for when a fly decides to walk across a river instead of flying over it. Just a conjecture.

I reported about this in Reddit:

September 8, 2019

Jeffrey Epstein and Seth Lloyd

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Not sure why it shows [removed], but the whole story can be found if you click on the Reddit link below

Turns out that the moderator of the Quantum Computing Reddit has chosen to protect the pedophilia enabler Seth Lloyd by removing the very civilized thread that I initiated. Here is another Reddit thread on the same topic.

September 5, 2019

IBM releases first free quantum computer programming textbook/course completely based on jupyter notebooks

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I’ve frequently advocated in this blog for the use of jupyter notebooks. I think it’s a great idea to release, as IBM has done today, a free quantum computer programming textbook completely based on jupyter notebooks. I see this as a natural evolution from the clunky programming manuals of the 20th century. This IBM textbook makes a recent crop of quantum computing paper textbooks suddenly seem obsolete and expensive. It’s probably also the last nail in the coffin of Microsoft’s Quantum Katas — another dud in a long line of poorly conceived and profoundly unpopular products from an immoral, evil company. IBM probably wrote this textbook prompted in no small measure by the MS Katas, and it quite effectively counteracts and nullifies them, because IBM has their own qc hardware to invoke in their textbook, and MS doesn’t.


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