Quantum Bayesian Networks

October 19, 2019

ArXiv paper on squids implementation of single-step multi controlled Not

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Check out

“Single-step implementation of high fidelity n-bit Toffoli gate”, by . E. Rasmussen, N. T. Zinner, https://arxiv.org/abs/1910.07548

Milestone work, IMHO, because single-step controlled gates with n controls will be super-useful in quantum AI* and quantum error-correction.

*Why do I say that? Such gates represent a single qubit rotation which is only carried out if n binary questions are made and the answer to those n questions agrees with an answer specified a priori. That is 2^n choices! It would take on the order of 2^n separate steps, each consisting of a single 2 qubit CNOT, to check what this beast of a gate checks in a single step!

Using such multi-control gates, one can program quantum circuits first as dags (directed acyclic graphs, i.e., quantum bayesian networks) and then compile those dags into quantum circuits. Since I first proposed quantum Bayesian networks in 1997 and unveiled my program Quantum Fog (originally in C++ with Mac GUI, now in Python at github), I have spoken about my dream of programming quantum computers this way. This year, I wrote a paper and software showing how to calculate the gradient of one qubit rotations with n-controls and proposing a specific quantum circuit that uses such multi-control gates to do quantum AI and quantum Bayesian networks

Click to access threaded_grad.pdf


Such multi-controlled quantum gates remind me of a cool Popular Mechanics article I once read

“19 Beautiful and Ludicrous Control Panels” Oh to switch these switches. By Eric Limer Aug 26, 2015

From that article, Apollo Lunar Lander control panel:


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