Quantum Bayesian Networks

Famous uses of Bayesian Networks


BBC One drama “Troy: Fall of a City”. From left: David Gyasi as Achilles, Bella Dayne as Helen and Johnny Harris as Agamemnon

For me, Bayesian networks (B nets) unify much of artificial intelligence, and cover things like Causal AI and Quantum Mechanics that no other branch of AI covers nearly as well. Even the field of Neural Nets is a subset of the field of B nets: NNs are merely layered B nets that contain only deterministic nodes. B nets are simply a graphical representation of the chain rule of conditional probabilities. So any concept that includes probability or statistics is included under the topic of B nets.  Hence,  B nets are never going to go out of style.

I like to compare the definitions of B nets and of a Group in Algebra. Both definitions are so simple, yet so productive. I like to say that the definition of a Group (or the definition of a B net) is the definition that launched a thousand deep theorems and useful applications  (The poet Christopher Marlowe said that the face of Helen of Troy was: “the face that launched a thousand ships”) .

In this series of short blog posts, I will aim to convey my enthusiasm and love for B nets. (started this series on May 16, 2020, with the Reinforcement Learning episode)

  1. Reinforcement Learning & Bayesian Networks
  2. Quantopian & Bayesian Networks
  3. Capturing the Golden State Killer & Bayesian Networks
  4. Baby’s first Bayesian Network onesie
  5. Bill Gates, The Richest Man in the World, loves Bayesian Networks
  6. Black Swans & Bayesian Networks
  7. Mark Twain & Bayesian Network Statistics
  8. Nate Silver, Sports Prediction & Bayesian Networks
  9. Marketing & Bayesian Networks
  10. Medical Diagnosis & Bayesian Networks
  11. Daphne Koller, cofounder of Coursera and Insitro, loves Bayesian Networks
  12. Farming (Hydroponics) & Bayesian Networks
  13. Sports Betting (soccer/football in UK) & Bayesian Networks
  14. Factor Technology Inc., computer steered oil well drilling & Bayesian Networks
  15. Making your Smart Grid **smarter** & Bayesian Networks
  16. Risk Assessment, Fenton/Neil book & Bayesian networks
  17. Recommendation Systems & Bayesian Networks
  18. Quantum Bayesian Network view of hybrid quantum-classical computation
  19. Anomaly Detection (Fraud Detection) & Bayesian Networks
  20. Information Theory (Turbo Codes) & Bayesian Networks
  21. Neural Networks versus Bayesian Networks
  22. Healthcare & Bayesian Networks
  23. The Venture Capitalist Robot & Bayesian Networks
  24. Causal AI & Bayesian Networks
  25. Epidemiology & Bayesian Networks
  26. Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) and Bayesian Networks
  27. Coming Soon: Image Processing & Bayesian Networks
  28. Coming Soon: Natural Language Processing (NLP) & Bayesian Networks
  29. Sensor Fusion (in Robotics, Defense, IoT) & Bayesian Networks

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