Quantum Bayesian Networks

January 27, 2019

Artiste-qb.net will be at FOSDEM 2019, Feb 2-3, 2019

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FOSDEM is a yearly hacker conference dedicated to open source software. It is usually attended by > 8,000 hackers. Its venue is the Université Libre de Bruxelles Solbosch campus in the southeast of Brussels, Belgium. This year, FOSDEM will be held on Saturday Feb 2 and Sunday Feb 3, and Henning Dekant, the CEO of our startup Artiste-qb.net, will be attending. Henning will give a short 25 minute talk entitled “Elevating the Stack” on Sunday morning, followed by a 4 hour workshop on Sunday afternoon.

If you are interested and want to prepare, Henning will issue the following grand, in your face, challenge to the attending hackers.

IBM Qiskit already provides software that converts quantum circuits to DAGs (aka, Quantum Bayesian Networks). Can you build an engine that does the reverse, converts Quantum Bayesian Networks to quantum circuits?

Someday, we hope Quantum Fog will be able to feed qb nets to Qubiter in this way. Quantum Fog and Qubiter are 2 open source Python programs that I wrote. You think you are so smart and such a great hacker, but are you smart enough to write such a translator before we do? In your face challenge.

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